Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Glorious weekend...

What a wonderful weekend off!
Yes, Kapitein finally came out of the inner sanctum and we have had some well deserved time off.
Friday evening was lovely and still,  so we decided to head to Balnahard to have a BBQ supper. Kapitein set out the chairs and lit the BBQ when to our surprise we were joined by several million uninvited guests - Midgies! 
Avon Skin-so-Soft worked for a few moments, but to no avail. Kapitein found the best plan of action was to sit over the smoking BBQ as our sausages and meat cooked to keep the little darlings away! It worked! 
We watched as the Friday evening ferry - LOTI - sailed in and out of Scalasaig Harbour and mused about the 'holidays' beginning and ending with this wonderful journey for folk arriving to and departing from our wonderful island - thankful that we don't need to make these journeys. 

LOTI coming into Scalasaig

LOTI leaving Scalasaig

View towards something called the mainland!

We endured our uninvited 'guests' for a couple of hours but even Sampster and Wolfie were tired of the wee blighters trying to nest in their eyeballs!
Reports on Saturday morning were that the whole island was awash with Midgies, even the Old Waiting Room, at Scalasaig was engulfed with plumes of hungry Midgies.

Saturday was a 'domestics' day, catching up on jobs around the house.

Sunday morning, we were up early, packed some nice things to eat and off we headed to Oransay. What a glorious day. Light winds (and no midgies)  
We crossed the Strand and headed for the East side of Oransay through Poll Gorm towards Rubha Bàn. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

We continued towards Port Dhūn a' Gharaidh as a visiting Yacht arrived.

We were very aware of the tides so we headed off inland beside the Mesolithic Shell Mound to rejoin the track at Eilean Fhionnalaidh.
By this time Sampster and Wolfie were beginning to get a bit tired! A wee rest was in order to eat our snacks and enjoy the views, on second glance, Sampster had fallen asleep!!! Ah bless him...

We arrived back at the car, after a thoroughly enjoyable few hours.

On our way back to the Homestead on the Colonsay ring road, we passed Colonsay International Airport. There appeared to be some activity, unusual for a Sunday. We found out later that the Coast Guard were on exercise. The Coast Guard helicopter was picking up personnel, circling around the Homestead then winching them back down to the Airstrip. What a treat that would have been. I did later suggest if they ever needed a 'victim' (casualty) I would be happy to oblige! Not wanting to tempt fate though, I don't want a real injury!!

If you would like to sample our island delights, come and see us sometime! Especially as our Bed & Breakfast is open all the year round! During the winter months, the Calmac ferry timetable changes, but with the introduction of Road Equivalent Tariff (RET) it is reported that there will be a 35% reduction in fares from October. But, you mustn't forget, you can always make a flying visit with Hebridean Air Services, a must for any discerning traveller.
Hope to see you very soon...

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