Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Update on the Beast...

Yes, the Beast of Colonsay is still at large! We spotted it just beside the Mill House as Kapitein and I were travelling on the Colonsay ring road the other night. It took one look at us – yes we made eye contact, and then it proceeded to leap over the cattle grid like Red Rum scaling Beeches Brook and off into the undergrowth! So, beware folks, it’s still lurking!!
Protect your flora and fauna by any means you can, it will nibble your prize collections without a doubt.
Gavalus Gavalar has a new ve-hic-ule. A very smart Lexus and with private plates! But we know who you are Gavalus!!
Eskie thinks it’s absolutely smashing, she even suggested that he changes the front number plate and add the word ‘Tart’, for no other reason than so we can spot him doing ‘laps’ around our wee island – no he is not cruising, he’s doing that in November around the Med!
Gavalus informed us that he wanted a more salubrious mode of transportation, with him being a very successful businessman; I think he has made the right choice. However, his trusty pick-up is poorly (it’s a bit of a non-starter at the moment) and in need of some TLC, so off to the mainland it goes to get a new starter motor if Mr. M can’t fix it...
So if you see plumes of smoke in the more remote corners of our wee island, (somewhere where there is some space – no not Colonsay International Airport) it may just be Gavalus practicing Doughnuts! Or is he testing May’s Sugary Wonders!!
So if you wish to continue to support Gavalus’s entrepreneurship, you can visit him at the Pantry and if he’s not out doing laps, you can sample amongst other things, some of May’s Sugary Wonders... Including Doughnuts - Delicious...
Confirmation that Gavalus is a ‘boy’ racer will come if he receives packages that contain rather large speakers, the type that just fit snugly (and fill up) the boot of his new car. And if we can hear Tiesto or Father and Sons playing from the far corners of the island, then we will know for sure. Although, he may play ‘tunes’ as a precursor to CE√íL CHOLASA?? Which by the way starts on Wednesday 12th September and due to popular demand the ‘fleadh’ is now on for 5 days... Fantastic work by Keith, Pedie popped in and the team – we can’t wait.
I have been very, very busy; knitting furiously, to get commissions completed and sent off to my customers. I have just had some wonderful feedback on the latest delivery:

I was impressed by the thoughtful packaging and the jumper is brilliant and fits very well.  The length is just right, not showing below a jacket. Many thanks for a superb job.  Roll on inclement weather!” 
Thank you very much indeed to this particular customer.
New designs are in the making and I am getting ready for the Autumn collection, due out very soon.
My very, very dear friend D’Nanty Sue is coming to visit us soon, I love it when she and I get together; she’s a wonderful person and a friend for over 33 years. We met in Holywood - no, not the LA version, and have been friends ever since. In our youth and subsequently, if there was any mischief to be had, we were there.
The last time she was here, she accompanied Mother, the pair were the plague of the Pantry – especially as Mother has more than a penchant for May’s Paradise Slice, supply and demand was an issue as Mother munched her way through slice after slice of Paradise.
I will keep you posted...

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