Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New freight handling system for Colonsay International Airport

The Big Green Bogey has made it's début at Colonsay International Airport.
We have utilised every type of transportation since starting the Air Freight just over a year ago here on Colonsay. We have had the Pilots, Fire Crew, Airport Managers, Passengers and even local dignitaries, help us to carry freight to and from the plane. Occasionally, we had to utilise a rather inappropriate mode of transport when time was of the essence. 

Picture courtesy of Alan Reid MP 
But we have moved on, we found this wonderful 'Green' Bogey, just perfect for moving freight, passenger luggage and anything else for that matter (no, I wasn't allowed a ride in the bogey onto the Apron - but seriously wanted to). Julie was just delighted when it appeared this week!
Passenger luggage loaded onto the plane
So, Colonsay International Airport now has it's own freight handling system!! Onward transportation is courtesy of Hebridean Air Services. Perfect...

The sun is shining here and not a breath of wind today as the Mainland is once again bearing the brunt of the weather. We could see the snow on the peaks as we looked towards the mainland from Balnahard beach.
But there is so much to see at Balnahard, the snow is less of a distraction - especially as we are wishing and hoping to see at least a good covering here, rather than the odd shower.
The wild goats are just spectacular, they are less shy than of late - obviously getting used to us going there on a regular basis. The Billy Goats have the most amazing horns and stand proud amongst their Harem. It is reputed that these goats arrived on Colonsay around the time of the Armada! 

Wild Goats - South side of Balnahard Bay

Then, to our utter amazement, the Golden Eagle circled overhead. We hid behind the dunes and watched as it headed towards a small outcrop in the bay. It was harrying an Otter!
The Otter obviously had something rather delicious for lunch! The Eagle landed within a couple of feet of the Otter and then made off with a carrion lunch - this puts a completely different slant on 'Carry out'. We were around 4-5 metres away and could make out the fantastic detail of both the Otter and the Eagle, absolutely delightful.
The Otter stayed a wee while, then off back into the sea to replenish the larder, as the Eagle headed towards the Eerie. 
As we sat a while, we watched about half a dozen Choughs doing their aerobatics, they could give the Red Arrows a run for their money.
When we decided to head back to the Homestead we crossed the dunes. We saw the Buzzard and then the Hen Harrier quartering over the high ground. Colonsay is paradise for budding and devoted wildlife watchers even in the depths of winter, there is so much to see and do. Well worth a visit!  

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