Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Kapitein is a happy little bunny…

The rain has stopped, the wind has dropped and the sun has started shining. You would think that spring had arrived, and so Kapitein’s thoughts naturally turned to all things……… boaty! L

Well, what else would you expect from an old salty dog?

Time to service his gear outside in the brilliant sunshine but straight away there was a problem.

After the long winter and despite keeping things well under cover, Kapitein informed me that he’d managed to get it up but couldn’t get it down again. I was intrigued to say the least and slightly disappointed (don’t tell him) when he took me outside to have a look see. It was in fact all about his prized Honda BF75 engine. He’s got an auxiliary of course and that’s in fine working order but, oh dear, the big boy refused to play. He tried this and that, but it refused to do as it was told (I’m not surprised of course – that tends to be the way with anything associated with ‘Le Kapitein’ – that is apart from his working cocker spaniel Samster who is the epitome of good behaviour (most of the time)).

It turned out that it was his tilt and trim that was causing the problem. I knew of course that his trim was a bit wonky but I never suspected there was an issue with his tilt. But in this case it all concerned the engine and not Kapitein himself. So it was out with the tools, disconnect the main ram, top up with transmission fluid and push the dampers up and down several times, reconnect and bingo!! It worked. Engine lowered, up it went again, and down, so now it was time to give it a run and a full service. The run went perfectly - with what looked like earmuffs and a water hose attached to them, and then – oh boy, it wouldn’t go up again. Disheartened, Kapitein asked for my help in pressing his up and down buttons as he pushed and pulled with all of his might. And so the process started again….

Today Kapitein managed to get it all sorted and he’s a happy little bunny once more. I have to admit though, I did enjoy helping, and pushing his up and down buttons – it all looked like a very easy thing to operate to me. It did however cross my mind ………….!!
Well, let’s not go there.

Kapitein’s next task, he has advised, is to scrape the barnacles off his bottom and give it a coat of antifouling to stop anything growing on it this year. He’s asked if I would like to help with that tricky task as well, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite as appealing !

Back to knitting methinks :)

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