Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Colonsay on the TV tonight 16th April - Rockpools- BBC4 at 9:00pm

I don't know if I mentioned, we had some very, very special visitors here last year to the Homestead!
The BBC 4 team came to film Colonsay for a programme about Rockpools - and there are plenty here I assure you. You can see the programme at 9.00pm tonight. If you missed the programme, you can access it on BBC iplayer
The musicians AKA Camera man & Producer - Simon

A very, very famous hat!

The very famous Richard Fortey
We were thrilled that the team came to stay at the Homestead to film footage on Colonsay for the programme about Rockpools.
An added bonus, they were wonderful musicians, Kapitein and I were serenaded with outstanding music whilst the guys were here. Also Richard brought me some wonderful Blewit mushrooms that he found here on our wonderful wee island - they made the most wonderful flan we have ever tasted - Thank you so much.
We hope to see you again sometime in the future guys - it was our pleasure... 

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  1. Hello Island on the Edge! I am a researcher for the BBC NHU and I would love to talk to you about Colonsay. I am developing a program that involves rock pools and seals. My email is