Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Little Miss No No and the Mechanic come to visit...

It’s official, Kapitein produces prize winning products!! He won first prize at our Root & Produce show for his woven scarf... Well done Kapitein... And he has had several commissions too as a result.
If you would like to commission one of his scarves, please get in touch, he would be delighted and will keep him out of mischief during the winter months.
The first Geansaidh ‘Gansey’ jumper is underway. We have researched the traditional patterns and drawn from the Scottish Fleet pattern to design our very own Colonsay Geansaidh.  We have been producing a vast array of designer items using our pattern, from Wrist Warmers and Welly Socks to Hats, and all made from Pure Colonsay Hebridean Wool, from our very own sheep of course. This is a unique opportunity to have something very, very special indeed. We are expecting our very first consignment of white wool later this week, so watch this space for the opportunity to purchase, pure Colonsay Blackface wool.
News update:
We have joined LORN – Local Origins Rural Network so we’ll be selling our wares at Kintaline Farm and I shall be flying off with Hebridean Air Services to attend the Market in November and again in December. Please pop along and see all of the exciting products on sale, including wonderful Venison burgers – which I highly recommend. It is a wonderful group, fronted by Jill and Tim, two of the most pro-active people I have ever met. Their ethos is to support local businesses, especially those who are promoting their own genuinely home produced goods. Fantastic!!
It’s been all go at the Homestead. Little Miss No No and The Mechanic arrived with Tartlet their Jukle hound on LOTI. Wolfie and Sampster were delighted to have a ‘girlie’ to play with at the Homestead. Ironically, Wolfie has paid Tartlet lots of attention, despite having ‘bits’ missing!! Sampster, a potent young chap, has proven he has ‘the idea’ but has been most dignified with her, realising she wasn’t for him... Thank goodness, as any offspring would be intriguing namely, what would you call it?? A Spangador!!
Eskie and I have been manning our exhibition in the Old Waiting Room down at the pier in Scalasaig. Eskie came up with the name: Knit Wits – making an exhibition... A perfect title for the two of us and it has been rather busy to say the least, so much so, it looks like we are going to extend our stay. So if you are out and about in Scalasaig, by all means pop in, if nothing else, to enjoy the banter.
Eskie's Range

Our Harris Tweed Range

Knitted products & placemats and coasters

We were in attendance in the Old Waiting Room when Ceol Cholasa (Colonsay Music Festival) was in full flight. The music was wonderful and thankfully the wind direction transmitted the music to us. Knitting to live music could be the way forward methinks... The Poozies and Lau were just fantastic, playing their tunes to a very receptive audience both in the hall and around the pier.
Eskie rapidly produced a myriad of the most delightful bespoke knit-ware, aided by the music of course. Her range is from knitted houses, gardens and farm animals to the most wonderful children’s wear, and she takes commissions too... I have been busy with Geansaidh products, ranging from wrist warmers and hats to a range of products with woven material created by Kapitein. We have had some fantastic feedback about the diverse range of merchandise on sale and we wish to thank all that have supported us thus far. So for that extra special gift for Christmas – yes, it’s not just us that are mentioning the C word in September, get in touch...

Eskie has also demonstrated she has a gift of talking with the animals (she should be known as Mrs. Doolittle from now on).
A cow was mooing outside the Waiting Room while Eskie was in conversation with a customer, who was querying whether it was safe to pass the cow. Eskie revealed that the cow had lost its calf! She promptly went outside and said.......
“ Have you lost your calf? It’s probably up at the Pantry, why don’t you go up there to find it?”
The cow looked at Eskie and promptly turned around and meandered up towards the Pantry!! We all stood agog!! Eskie made light of the matter, much to our amusement.

Little Miss No No and The Mechanic ‘rested’ for the duration of their stay, in fact they have slept for an inordinate amount of time! Do they lead such a busy life in Blighty? The highlights of their visit have been:
Little Miss No No’s Birthday was marked with Milk Shakes and Angus Burgers (with candle) at the Pantry especially for her as she celebrated whilst on the island. Thank you Gavalus Gavalar for making her day a little bit extra special.
Little Miss No No thoroughly enjoyed meeting Julie Angell and seeing the plane come in – and leave with the Pantry’s first official export of May’s Sugary Wonders!! Yes, Doughnuts have been exported to the mainland, a first in our island’s history. I do believe they went down a storm at Oban Airport, their final destination. I have it on good authority that Julie was eating her second doughnut whilst typing a lovely message of thanks and appreciation. Dixie reported that her diet had gone to pot, but well worth it...
We managed to get some walking done with the three hounds. The Mechanic and Little Miss No No really enjoyed going to Ardskenish to see the view through windy pass and admire the house there; a wondrous spot.
We even made it out on the high seas (which was rather choppy). The Mechanic hid under his coat as the spray hit but still got a good soaking. Sadly the fish avoided our bait but the breathtaking view and laughter as I played my Kate Winslet bit at the bow was well worth it. I do like it when Kapitein instructs me on my positioning!
When we arrived back at the pier Kapitein decided to take the boat out of the water in preparation for sale.  With a strategy that would make Europe go weak at the knees, and instructions so precise, we successfully got the boat on the trailer at the slip, then up to Homestead where a good power-hosing was in order... That was the boat, not the occupants.
We said farewell to Little Miss No No and the Mechanic on Friday. Their stay was all too short, but so, so, enjoyable. They do like island life and will be planning their next visit very, very soon.
We had a super night at the Pantry on Saturday evening. Gavalus Gavalar had one of his Theme Nights, this time it was an Indian Night. We were seated with Eskie and Mr. Eskie, Gavalus did us proud and the girls were brilliant. What a fantastic feast, though it was sad to see fewer locals than usual. They missed an absolute treat. For those of us who were there it was a fantastic night. I haven’t laughed so much for ages.

I also met one of our blog followers, all the way from America! Teri and Himself are celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary here on Colonsay (Congratulations guys). Teri feels as if she is ‘back home’ as she is a descendent of the MacPhee's. She is also a blogger, check out her link. They are here until Wednesday and then they heading to Galloway to find more of their Scottish roots and ancestry. I do know they are having a fantastic time on our Island at the Edge and we wish them a safe onward journey.

I don’t believe it but....I also learned that Donald Trump is hoping to set up his very own Golf Course here!! It is rumoured that he intends to blow the tops off several of our peaks here on the island, specifically at Balnahard in the mysterious North, primarily so they can be used as helipads to transport players between each tee. Special fencing will apparently encircle the helipads to deflect the wind (to save his quiff from being blown about). He is in talks with a land owner and hopes to be up and running by early next spring. He is even considering transmitting one of his US Apprentice shows from here too!! That should bring in some very welcome business to our island and give Lord Sugar a run for his money... That is, of course, if you are to believe what you hear around these parts. However, it is also being rumoured he has his eye on Jura with the intention of sawing off the tops of the Paps to create some rather unusual tees. However, in another development, the Swedes (not of the turmip variety) have been monitored surveying the seas to the west of Colonsay and to the west of Jura so we suspect that Mr. Trump won’t be coming here in the event of a surprise announcement in the near future of a wind turbine farm in our beautiful waters. Mr. Trump apparently doesn’t like renewables, unless they of course relate to his morning manicure.
I feel cupid’s arrow is heading our way!!! Sampster has now ‘come of age’ and is looking for a young bitch to satiate his needs, as he has strong desires to become a dad! Either a one night stand or something more lasting, so long as he gets the job done! And with a trip to our island into the bargain, what Cocker Spaniel Bitch couldn’t resist? (sorry, no unaccompanied girlies) He is the descendent of 37 field-trial champions and a more handsome chap you couldn’t find. Get in touch if you have a ‘girly’ up for the challenge.
Young 4 year old, good looking, fit and healthy Male Cocker Spaniel GSOH, solvent, own house, car and basket. Likes to eat in, enjoys long walks along the beach. Excellent worker. Seeks attractive Cocker Spaniel Bitch 3 – 4 yrs for friendship and one night stand, possible LTR. Must be willing to travel. No timewasters please. Send photo to:
Ideal candidates must have a good nose for snipe and preferably own a large highland estate and be wealthy. If you look like a dog but still have a large highland estate and are wealthy then still feel free to contact and I’ll put you at the top of my list. Thank you for reading this profile – Samster the Spaniel.

P.S. if you want try before you buy then just give the dog a bone!!

And on totally separate note.......
Just before Kapitein decided to take the boat out of the water we had a really bad spell of weather and whilst doing his thing with the ropes realised that a massive shoal of mackerel had entered the harbour chasing some fry (WHICH OF COURSE I SPOTTED FIRST). So it was out with the rods, together with some of the Irish lads working on the pier...and a very, very good supper was had by all.


  1. Hi! I was so happy to get to meet you on our much-too-short stay on Colonsay! Himself and I decided that next time we will spend at least a week... with a car... or maybe even two. Of all the places we visited (and that was a LOT), Colonsay is the one place I told Himself that I would like to live. (I hope you're joking about "The Donald" setting his eye on Colonsay. That would ruin Colonsay.)

    I'm sorting thru the photos I took during our month in Scotland... 7100+ and 77 videos! But I'll soon be blogging about the trip.

    The woolens at The Waiting Room were incredible! Drat the lack of an ATM on the island... I'll be contacting you after the holidays with some orders.

  2. Hi Teri,
    It was lovely to meet you and himself too.
    Can't wait to see the chronicle of your month in Scotland.
    Don't worry, Trump Towers would never be allowed to develop Colonsay...
    You can contact me directly on: if you wish to order anything.