Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Very windswept and very interesting...

The storm is now passing, having made it here all the way from the USA just in time for the very high tides. It’s played havoc with the ferries (three sailings cancelled) so some holidaymakers have experienced an extended stay and a taste of what Colonsay has to offer in the winter (though it’s not winter just yet, is it??) Kapitein has been up and down like a yoyo... Well... on the boat that is! He is such a conscientious mariner; his ‘ropes’ are just perfect. Mind, I think he’s caught a bit of a chill sorting out his rise and fall. He’s got that sexy ‘phone chat’ voice at present. Goose grease, brown paper and a chest rub might be in the offing tonight!!
The waves have been spectacular and I await the results of the highest ‘gusts’ recorded here on our wee island.
I too have been very, very windswept and very busy making ‘interesting’ items for the inaugural exhibition (in the Old Waiting Room down at the pier) where Eskie and I will be making an exhibition of ourselves!
But seriously, we are a Crafty pair indeed, with fleeces, knitwear and much more from the backs of our very own Hebridean and Blackface sheepsies. If you are holidaying on the island or coming over for the music festival you can see our goodies (and buy them of course) if you pop into the Old Waiting Room down at the pier from tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be there until Monday.
But here is a taster... And we take commissions!!
Pure Hebridean woolen wrist warmers

Remember Colonsay - Touchstones

Hand woven scarf
Also, our blog has been added, under independent blogs, to the Island Blogging site. There are some great blogs on this site for those of you wishing you were somewhere more remote!!
Check out the link... which will take you to a host of blogs from far flung islands... Perfect for rainy days...
And finally, I know this is a quick blog but my knitting needles are calling, and for those that may be interested we have 4 smashing lads for sale (Hebridean Tups) and we are looking for 2 to replace them. Any takers / sellers out there?? Our lads are definitely ‘proven’ insomuch as we had super lambs this year and the best lambing average ever... We may be up for swapping, so get in touch.
PPS, we still have a wee bit of our succulent Hebridean lamb left and we can fly it off to you, wherever you are (almost), so you could be sitting at home and enjoying the REAL taste of Hebrides if you place an order before all is gone (PPPS mutton will be on the menu in the next 4 weeks and you have to try it to believe it) – so place your orders now.
Hope to see you at the Waiting Room. 


  1. Interesting that you had the winds. Up here in Lewis we had the most glorious sunny day with hardly a breath of wind all day!

  2. You lucky thing up there in glorious Lewis, it's been a while since I have been there...
    The wind blew away the cobwebs, Satellite dish and outside light. But all sheep are present and correct...