Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Oh what a fantastic journey...

I have been on an epic journey over the last 2 - 3 days and when 'travelling' from our wee island at the edge, first and foremost, we pray for good weather!! And very, very good weather is what we have been having of late.
It all started on Thursday morning with a flight to Islay with Hebrideanair - I can't thank Julie enough, we landed in Islay at 09:00 hrs. I was transferred to the main terminal to connect with the 09:40 hrs flight to Glasgow International with Flybe/Loganair. Checked in and through to security - Fantastic...
On paper, this journey appeared impossible as the scheduled landing of Hebridean Air Services flight to Islay was 10 mins after the Glasgow flight check in closed! but Hebridean Air pulled out all of the stops - Hebridean Air Services are an extremely professional team and were more than happy to make this possible for me. The moral of the story is... Yes you can fly to Glasgow from Colonsay - all it takes is a wee bit negotiation and everything is possible. So all I can say is a huge big thank you to all those who made this journey possible...
Flying over Islay

Out into the 'wild blue'

Isle of Arran in the distance
I arrived in Glasgow safe and well...
After all of the 'bits and bobs' I had to do (all things mainland to you and I) I had to return to Colonsay.
So, how could this be done!!
I caught the 08:40 Flybe/Loganair flight to Islay on Saturday morning - was collected by the wonderful Lamont in his trusty taxi and transferred up to Port Askaig to connect with the Saturday ferry back to Colonsay.
And what a surprise!! Port Askaig is just beautiful...
I arrived, very, very hungry (for those that know me - this isn't unusual)
I headed for the wee Port Askaig Hotel. They were just clearing breakfasts away and I tentatively knocked on the kitchen door.
The gentleman who greeted me was so polite. I asked if it was at all possible, to have an obligatory bacon sandwich and some coffee. 
"Of course" he said.
So there I was, sitting in the wee snug bar at 10:00 am enjoying the most delicious coffee I have had in ages with a super bacon sandwich - Thank you so much, it saved my life!! I highly recommend this hostelry...
Hotel at Port Askaig
I had a wee wait for the ferry to come in... It was lovely, just sitting on the 'dock of the bay - wasting time' in the warm sunshine overlooking the isle of Jura.
Overlooking Jura from Port Askaig harbour
The Calmac staff were so helpful we had a good chat about all things 'ferry' which raised a question as to why so few folk come to Colonsay via this route? is it because it is not known about?
Aboard the Hebridean Isles

So, to all of you out there, wishing to island hop, come and visit us here on the wee Isle of Colonsay, even if it is just for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. The journey is truly wonderful and when you arrive, you will see our fantastic wee island. Diogenes can organise a 'whistlestop' tour of Colonsay in his trusty minubus. You can visit the Pantry to see Gavalus Gavalar and sample 'May's Sugary Wonders', you can take a wee perambulation through the Colonsay Gardens, meander up to the Hotel for a nice coffee or a wee spot of lunch, go to Christines Den to see her wonderful array of crafts, visit the Old Waiting Room Gallery, visit the Bookshop or Colonsay Brewery or you can be collected, by me or Kapitein and sit a while and  the home of Hebridean Isles Trading Company (Island at the Edge) and knitoverlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With so much to do on our wee island, what better way is there to spend your time on a Saturday afternoon.
Approaching Colonsay
So much so, you may really like our wonderful wee island and wish to come and stay here in our 4 star Bed & Breakfast. We do hope to see you all very, very soon and a huge, big thank you to everyone who made my mainland visit possible....

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