Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Friday, 16 August 2013

Cassidy and Sundance come to visit!

The island is still recovering from some very, very special visitors...
D'Nanty Sue came all the way from the mainland - she had serious concerns about the removal of barnacles from Kapiteins bottom and the mere mention of 'blue rinses' and the use of sanding equipment had her in a bit of a spin. She came with hair, paint and everything else stripper to aid Kapitein in his quest! He's like a shiny new pin, he even glistens in the sunlight - well done D'Nanty Sue!
D'Nanty Sue departed on LOTI (we miss her already) and we greeted Cassidy & Sundance! They got seriously lost on the Colonsay Ring road (our equivalent to the M8) but eventually found us.
Their visit was a huge success. They sampled everything here on our wee island, even doing laps!! (they were spotted on several occasions driving around the ring road, causing havoc). They stayed at 'Fawlty Towers and met up with the rest of the posse  Shortbread - by Royal Appointment and Little Jem. They all teamed up for the Quiz and were joined by 'Eric' the fastest cyclist in the West! There was rumours there was a wee bit of cheating (as if) but their score was healthy - or so I am led to believe.

The other highlights of their visit was when they met Compo and Cleggy, but there again, who doesn't think they are a wonderful pair! Sundance was also amazed with May's Sugary Wonders and thrilled to meet Gavalus Gavalar at the Pantry. 

Cassidy & Sundance believed they may find their 'Hole in the Wall' here on Colonsay. Strange when we don't have a bank! But to be honest, I think they did and assure me they are now 'going' straight! However, they had to return to Tombstone to meet up with Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid as there is work to be done... I can't wait until they return here to our wonderful wee island. But, I have the pleasure of going off to meet them later in the year. They both think I need a 'dose' of all things mainland and are even planning a visit to a Casino! I will definitely keep you posted on this outing...

The truth is out there.... Next blog coming soon...

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