Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Friday, 22 July 2011

And a good night was had by all...

We had visitors to the homestead this afternoon. Mack-the-finger and Pedie popped in for a chat about our air freight project. It was nice to discuss future plans for the project – especially when we can ship outbound and inbound freight consignments of just about anything. Discussed were some of the possible options such as kegs of beer and Chinese and Indian takeaways, amongst others. Pedie Popped-in began to salivate. All good stuff and hopefully we can work together to make this happen.
This evening Kapitein succumbed to the hunter-gather instinct and ordered our dinner from the Pantry. Unfortunately, Kapitein was disappointed as the 2 baked potatoes he had ordered were mysteriously transformed into chips, between picking them up and getting back to the homestead. He does have a penchant for baked potatoes, after years of eating ships biscuits whilst on the high seas. However, he did report that May’s doughnuts looked good enough to eat... apparently he was tempted but decided against it, safe in the knowledge that he would be having his two baked potatoes when he got back to the homestead. No doubt he will be having words with the proprietor, Gavalus Gavalar, for this unusual lapse in service and quality control. This could be due to GG’s lack of concentration following his secret mission to the mainland last weekend. Whatever happened, it appears to have totally confused GG and has left a lasting impression on the young lad. Incidentally I had seen GG on Monday evening at the tourism meeting, wearing his fireman’s uniform. He certainly looked dapper, despite the buttons being a little stretched but that's because GG is unable to resist nibbling at May’s sugary wonders.
Anyway, back to this evening and Kapitein also returned with the news from GG that Clarence  Clearance House had hired the Pantry marquee for a party, a party fit for a laird and certainly not any of the lesser mortals as can be found in these parts. Unfortunately, upon it being returned – just in time for it to be put up again by GG for the shindig last night, it was found to have been badly damaged. GG and pals had to make some hasty and unexpected repairs to accommodate the crowds attending the night of jazz and blues music at the Pantry that evening. All was ultimately sorted and the evening was a resounding success. Well done GG. A good night was had by all...... but I do hope we will see GG again after his visit to Clearance House to seek recompense and not find out that he has been relocated to Canada. Surely not.
The evening sun is still high and the weather is balmy this night but clouds are gathering beyond the horizon and, alas, departure to the mainland awaits me. This unwelcome storm will arrive on Sunday, when I shall have to leave these shores and take a journey into the unknown and to say Adieu and Tot Ziens to a very dear friend. But tonight is calm and beautiful and that is the most important thing right now.

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  1. I hear that GG has said sorry to K about his baked potatoes and the word is that he's promised to give K a 50% discount for the next 2 months. It was indeed a very good night. I've also heard on the island drums that May's sugary wonders are going to be exported to Islay BY PLANE!! They'll never be the same over there when the get a taste of those!! Good luck with the mainland trip.