Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Friday, 22 July 2011

A lovely sunny morning...

Up, not quite with the starlings this morning. Why is it, we don't go to bed the same day we got up? I think this may be a family trait, or is it because we just don't want to miss a moment on our Island at the Edge?
The sun is shining, with little wind - what a wonderful day...

Was very, very busy last night getting the design work done for some new knitted products, a pair of wrist warmers, the pattern taken from traditional Gansey designs. The Kapitein was intrigued, wondering if he could have a 'single' gauntlet as a willy warmer for Christmas! I did explain I would have to alter the design somewhat to make it slightly smaller, a few nip and tucks here and there - he was not amused. Albeit, it would match his crochet underpants that I have made from course Hebridean wool as a surprise gift.  He even tried his hand at knitting the odd stitch or two, dropping loops, with a willy warmer in mind... I think the Kapitein should stick to all things nautical from now on, but we may have him a knitter soon me thinks, if he can be prised away from the helm. 

Doing some household chores, I came across a painting, produced by Peggy Sue, of a 10 legged and 3 headed sheep, very colourful, but I am not sure if the 'public' are ready to see an exhibition of her art work just yet! So best she is kept a secret, yet, I ask myself, what on earth will she produce on her next visit.

Gavalus Gavalar had live music on at the Pantry last night, will pop down later after taking Sampster and Wolfie out for their morning constitutional, as the need for a Banana Milkshake and home made cake is overwhelming, so will hear all about it no doubt.

The dogs have become very vocal and the Kapitein is champing at the bit to be outside so off for the morning commute before work - listing forward orders of our superb Hebridean Lamb in preparation for the next Islay trip.

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  1. I do hope it is a jumper that sis is going to knit for me and not crochet a pair of undies. However, it does explain Kapitein's strange starboard-leaning walk. I always through it was the parrot on his shoulder that caused him to veer off course, the old pirate!