Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Sunday, 24 July 2011

What a difference a day makes...

What a difference a day makes...
Yesterday was one of those fun packed days... Let’s see just how much we can do in 24 hours. 
Kapitein was up early as usual and busy in the inner sanctum. The weather was good so he said that if I was a good girl he would take me on the high seas to do a spot of fishing and give me a chance to test the new boat rod he got for my birthday - just what every girl wants...

Sandwiches prepared and off down to the harbour, via Mike's Megastore  to get some provisions for the weekend and get petrol too, which on this wee island is just under £1.70 a litre.

A few nautical adjustments here and there and we set off. The conditions were good, bright sunshine and a wee bit of a wind. Kapitein was at the helm and with me as his first mate, perched in the bow and awestruck as usual with the view of the Paps on Jura in the distance, we set a course for a good fishing mark just off Oransay and cruised south at a steady 20 knots.

Two minutes after arriving at Kapitein’s secret mark Kapitein landed a Saithe, then another, then another and yet another... I dropped my line into the water, nipping my knees around the pole, just in case it slipped my grasp and hey ho, I caught a 2lb Saithe too. The Mackerel eluded us on this trip but the joys of being at sea are fantastic. The seaways were very busy today, including the boat from Clearance House with a convoy of smaller boats in tow - a veritable flotilla. The thought did pass my mind that they may have GG on board and be setting a course for Nova Scotia or thereabouts but a quick check of the boat’s load line revealed no excess ballast on board. So that was a relief.
Time was pressing on and I had an appointment to keep with Eskie at the Village Hall. A high speed return to the Capital and Kapitein dropped me at the slip. I made it just in time.

Eskie was sitting with GG and the ‘Lovely Ladies’ enjoying a cuppa and some homemade cakes. Stalls with produce, second hand books and novelty gifts were set out.

We were rather distracted by an ingenious product, a definite purchase for us. See below modelled by Eskie. GG was also pictured wearing one but unfortunately the picture won't upload - you lucky readers!Technology knows no bounds here on Colonsay, surely a must for everyone. Not quite user friendly but can be used to make any mobile device hands-free, even a Laptop I suspect...

Kapitein joined us a wee while later as others came and sat with us. The conversation led to a discussion about our new island air freight service. There is great interest in this facility; medical provisions can be flown in and out. And what a bonus, inbound Chinese and Indian food for all of us with a hankering for all things normal, the same as our friends on the mainland.

Back to the homestead, with aching sides from all the frivolities. We took Sampster and Wolfie out for a walk and then it was back to the knitting up the new design of Wrist Warmers. (I must watch out for Freudian slips with this). This is the first of many products in readiness for selling. If I must say, they are rather perfect, yet they don’t quite resemble Willy Warmers just yet, something I must work on to satiate the needs of Kapitein.

As the evening progressed Kapitein decided we should attend the Ceilidh in aid of the CCDC – the community development company.

And what a night that was... Lots of dancing and even Kapitein was up strutting his stuff in the Orkadian Strip the Willow. GG is a true mover and shaker in the St. Bernard’s Waltz and Danger Mouse, the lonely shepherd, was really shaking his booty in the Dashing White Sergeant with Kapitein and I.  The music was absolutely wonderful as usual, with songs from Caitlin, Seamus and many others, including a great tune and song by a man from Sweden holidaying here.

Strange but true, Diogenes kept going in and out of the hall, apparently needing lots of fresh air!! I wonder what exactly he was doing whilst alone in the dark. I do hope he wasn’t true to the name...

Duck Man didn’t waver under pressure for a dance, but he will keep till another night when I WILL have a dance with him...

Kapitein was attracting attention tonight. His rugged good looks were under scrutiny from a rather well rounded woman but to her dismay he didn’t take the bait... After all, he already has a First Mate and there's only room for one to stoke his boiler...

Today, Sunday, was a day for getting up late (after going to bed very, very late). It was a peaceful day, including a lovely walk along The Strand with Sampster and Wolfie. Then back for a late lunch, a few domestics and packing in preparation for my journey to the mainland and into the unknown.

As already reported, I will be saying goodbye to a very dear friend ttomorrow and the day after that the Doctors have recalled me for an anomaly in my precious boobs, of which, I have to say, the Kapitein is rather fond. They say I have to make myself available for a full week, just in case. That week in the unknown is standing before me as I now make my way down to the ferry to depart these beautiful shores.

Kapitein has undertaken a thorough investigation and has been unable to ascertain any anomalies, however, if the worst does come to the worst, he said he would leave the island - the first time in over a year - and visit me and the doctors because he reckons he has some very good re-design ideas. He's such a wonderful Kapitein.

Shall keep you posted...

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