Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Monday, 1 August 2011

Coming Home...

Shell shocked isn’t the word. Life in the fast lane – the mainland is quite an experience, especially when I am used to the island ring road.
I disembarked from LOTI at 10.30pm and set off on the many hours journey. Kapitein’s car had a nice blast on the motorways, aided by my very loud music and accompanying singing. I made my destination in the wee small hours.
3 hours sleep and I was collected to head even further south to say farewell to my dear friend with Peggy Sue, eldest daughter (Noney Bean) who, like me, is not vertically challenged and youngest daughter (Little Miss No No) who is vertically challenged and somewhat short-coupled and needs step ladders to mount her sister’s 17.2 hh shire cross cob, Fudgeypoos. We were driven by Little Miss No No's fiancé , the Mechanic.
My friend and her family chose a Humanist service which was very fitting; through tears of sadness, and of laughter, we listened as the reader spoke of my friend as if he knew her personally. Many anecdotal stories brought back very fond memories of our times together during her too short 60 years. I shall never forget those times, nor her wisdom and honesty. Saying ‘Tot Ziens’, we headed for the wake in a local hostelry we had frequented in our younger days. Family and friends reminisced and we toasted our friend with a glass of her favourite tipple, at the bar beside her photograph. Very apt and appropriate.
Peggy Sue and I met with several others there from our time with the Regiment. Earwig regaling tales of Peggy Sue and I when we were young and daft but the telling of those will save till another day.
With heavy hearts we headed back north where I was deposited at my lodgings in preparation for the following day – Hospital...
An epic journey using public transport saw me arrive, on time, at the new centre for Breast Screening. I was interviewed upon arrival and the nurse explained the processes I may have to face. As a straight talker, I did mention that if it turned out to be worst case scenario then I would like to leave looking like Pamela Anderson. I thought Jordan would be a step too far...unless of course I could have inflatable implants that would double up as buoyancy aids whilst on the high seas with Kapitein and thus avoid the need for the lifejacket with its rather tight crutch strap.
I was asked to ‘slip’ into something more comfortable - a rather fetching (not) and accessible (very) front fastening gown, in pink of course. Having to wait, as one does at such appointments, I took to my knitting as a nice distraction. Hands and mind duly occupied, I rattled through numerous lines of work on 4 needles, only dropping the odd stitch as folk came and went. Then it was my turn. More Mammograms... is it easier if you have large breasts or small ones? I really don’t know!
A further wait and I was called in for an ultrasound scan. This is a very thorough process, and yes they detected an anomaly, but............ nothing to worry about at the moment. WHAT RELIEF. It appears it may just be part of me, me and my anomaly. The final outcome? I may be called back in a month for a second opinion.
The moral of the story: check breasts every month, learn about your own shape and when called for your primary screening and possible re-calls, always attend the appointments and never, ever, put it off.
Kapitein has kindly offered to ‘lend a hand’ in this regular monitoring. He is so thoughtful.
I later met with Noney Bean and a little retail therapy was in order before heading yet further north and closer to home. I stayed with friends in the lowlands that night but was up and away by 5am and heading for Oban.
Kapitein says that ‘the sun shines when angels travel’ and glorious sunshine there was indeed, as I arrived.  Just one more appointment and my MOT was complete - the Dentist. A quick root canal job and I was on my way to the ferry.
On board MV Isle of Arran and I was able to sit on deck and watch the mainland disappear from view... Magic... I was almost home...
And what adventures, happenings and news from Colonsay while I was away? Lots to report of course and report I shall – soon!

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