Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

And there’s more...

We have had another busy week, but not without its ups and downs...
It was the Regatta last Saturday. Splendid weather, just perfect for messing about on the water. Kapitein was raring to go... until... Where were the boat keys? We retraced our steps from our last outing, searched washing machines, the drying green, cars and even considered filleting the dogs but all to no avail... they had just disappeared into thin air. Kapitein had been asked to provide one of the safety boats for the sailing race, so had to go aboard another vessel whilst I continued to turn the house upside-down. Nothing and no sign of the keys anywhere. Kapitein returned, forlorn and pet-lipped!
We returned to the harbour later in the afternoon, via the Pantry to sample one of Gavalus Gavalar’s famous burgers, mmnnn... delicious, miles better than Maccy Dee’s anyday.
The harbour was full of little people (children) and women dressed as men, with beards and moustaches!!  Pirate’s flags and bunting abounded as we watched the teams participate in kayaking and swimming races. The piece de resistance was the long awaited raft race. It never ceases to amaze me how innovative people can be when constructing something that, if truth be known, will never float for very long. Two islanders won a prize for most promising craft and a well deserved accolade I am sure.
On our return to the Homestead, Kapitein decided to set about investigating new keys for the boat. We had long surpassed ‘hot wiring’ as an option, since he duly noted that it would start but may not stop when we most needed it. He finally sourced a firm of chandlers in Norfolk who could probably help. We would have to wait until Monday at 08:30 am to confirm they had spare keys. Sure enough, after several dissections of throttle cables, etc. to get the info, the chandlers had the correct keys and they were dispatched to Connel Airport in Oban that day in order to catch the flight to Colonsay on Tuesday afternoon, along with a meat order for an island customer from Jackson’s the Butcher in Oban as well as our special treat, namely 1kg of prime fillet steak. Fresh meat isn’t often available on our wee island, unless it’s our own lamb, so it was a real delight, especially as Kapitein’s culinary skills are just superb...
So, what to do with ourselves that evening? The Ceilidh of course. Just what was needed to lift our spirits. This particular Ceilidh was in aid of the Village Hall and the RNLI and also as a celebration of two Golden wedding anniversaries, two sisters who had married two brothers, so that’s 100 years of wedded bliss between them. Many, many congratulations to both couples.
There is a particular dance that is performed as couples, at a very, very quick tempo. ‘The Bullet’, otherwise known as Twinkle Toes when he’s on the dance floor is a brilliant dancer, and I for one get great pleasure in watching him. He’s is so light on his feet. Accomplished female dancers know they are in for the dance of their lives if he chooses them. It was also interesting to note that he has finally managed to get girlfriend Twin Peaks onto the dance floor and she is now learning the intricacies of this dance... We can’t wait to see them in action.  The rest of us need the assistance of our very own dance expert the Dancing Queen just to refresh our memories from those childhood dancing lessons. So please Dancing Queen, help us trip the light fandango before the winter sets in!!

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