Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Captain Flack and the Trumpton crew do an outstanding job...

Preparations were speeding along for last Thursday’s Ceilidh. This was a special event for all of us and the evening was in aid of the Firefighter’s Charity, a very worthy cause.
Basil The Brush AKA – Fireman Sam – AKA Captain Flack was doing a sterling job in organising things. And as an added bonus (being a girly) the boys would be looking dapper in their uniforms...
We arrived at the village hall amidst the merry throng of Colonsay Midge’s, so hastened through to find a pew.
Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb were all there. The hall filled up quickly with locals and tourists... The dancing was spectacular (it doesn’t half keep you fit). Kapitein’s feet, which have a mind of their own, combined with his natural instinct to always set a course for magnetic North, means he tries to avoid getting on the dance floor and thus prevent a collision, so when an outstretched arm beckoned me to the dance floor... that of Gavalus Gavalar in his uniform..... then I had no hesitation and tripped the light fantastic to a Gay Gordan... we nearly have this dance perfected.
Kapitein is to hopefully enlist the help of the Dancing Queen to hone his skills in the dancing department, though I did see his foot tapping on several occasions and it was almost in time with the music. Well done.
We left at around 11pm as I for one need my beauty sleep... We awoke the following morning to the news that the previous evening had raised a very healthy £1043.00. Fantastic... And then there was the charity car wash funds to add to that on Saturday, which has since been reported to have raised a further £150.00. I also believe there are a couple of additional donations still to come in so all in all that was a pretty major result for a wee island... Many, many thanks to all who contributed and especially to our Fire crew and Barney McGrew.

Pictured are the crew. Their real names are not of course  Captain Flack, Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb...they are...... Basil the Brush (aka Fireman Sam), Carbonout, Mr.Meatloaf, the Other Brewer,Twinkle Toes (aka The Bullet), Captain Marvelous, the Brewer and finally Gavalus Gavalar (aka GG)
The compare for the evening was Two Slices who did a wonderful job of keeping things moving along nice and smoothly.
Well done to all of you and the many, many others who helped behind the scenes.

The Firecrew washing cars...

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  1. They are an impressive bunch - especially the tall dark handsome one on the right of the photo!