Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Islay bound...

I was out for my morning constitutional with Sampster and Wolfie the other day and met up with Molly and Freckles. I never expected to have an ‘educating Rita’ moment when they both greeted me with their usual liveliness. Freckles told me of a ‘happening’ that very morning whilst sewing up her Hubby’s trousers. She had finished the repair and was just leaning over the kitchen table to grab the scissors when, to her surprise, Hubby said. “Not this morning Freckles; I’m not in the mood”. She stood aghast and replied. “I’m not in the mood either, so that’s OK then”... I couldn’t stop laughing... A fine pair are Molly and Freckles... They really make me blush, especially me being such a reserved type!!
So what next...
After my constitutional and education in the arts of ‘not tonight Josephine’, I headed back to the Homestead to continue with the production of a variety of products. Wrist Warmers, Hats and Touchstone bags. The pattern is devised from Hebridean Geansaidh (Gansey, Gernsey) patterns dating back to the 19th Century. A pleasure to knit in 100% Hebridean wool. These will help to support our Craft Fair which is in the village hall every Wednesday until September.
Our first woven products are hot off the loom, scarves and purses. Everything is made on Colonsay and with our very own yarn from our Hebridean sheep due to be flown in within the next few days the sky’s the limit with what we can produce.
We have been out-by too, trying to get 10 sheep ready for the Islay ferry tomorrow. Danger Mouse, the lonely shepherd, was duly called in as Kapitein ran out of puff in the pouring rain and decided to give up when the sheep, led by master escapologist Lola, did a bomb-burst which was almost as good as the tourists on their bikes when a car comes along. As I write, all of the sheep are in-by so it’s just a matter (that maybe sounds a bit too confident doesn’t it) of drafting out the 10 wedders for the afternoon ferry to Islay tomorrow. Two weeks and they’ll be back for onward dispatch to customers both in Colonsay and on the mainland and delicious treat for us as well, together with veggies from the garden.
Stop press...
The 10 wedders were shipped off on yesterday’s ferry to Islay. The Kapitein’s plan worked – a methodical and intricate strategy I must say...
With the help of Holly and Lewis, our very own piper, all were captured and additional shields to stop the elusive ‘jumpers’ (all except Lola of course who scaled the hurdles like Beeches Brook) saw the sheep well and truly secured. A job well done...
Fresh Colonsay Hebridean lamb should be ready in 10 days for onward shipment... Don’t forget to place your orders for a Gigot or two or a rolled shoulder, chops will be supplied also.


  1. Hello! I was wondering if you sold your woolens locally? My husband and I will be visiting Colonsay the weekend of 23 Sept and it would be a wonderful gift to take home with us.

  2. Island at the Edge30 August 2011 at 09:16

    Hi Teri,
    Yes, you can buy locally, we currently have available: Hand Woven Scarves and purses,Hand Knitted Wrist Warmers, Hats and Touchstones. We can supply Pure Colonsay Hebridean wool. We can produce pure Colonsay Ganseys, either plain or with the Colonsay pattern We supply Place Mats and Coasters. We also supply Hebridean Lamb/Hogget/Mutton - delicious, either during your stay or we can fly you some out.
    We look forward to seeing you during your stay.
    If you want to contact us you can email:

  3. I am SO looking forward to shopping!