Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

While I was away and since my return...

Whilst I was away, Kapitein looked after all things ‘Homestead’. Although I do have a sneaking suspicion he quite likes the peace and tranquillity my mainland visits afford him. He does assure me that I am quite a quiet soul... I know, all of you out there who know me will be belly laughing right now... Quiet, I don’t think so, I hear you say...
A frantic call had come into the Homestead from GG, which was duly answered by Kapitein. The Pantry had been exceptionally busy with visitors from Islay, not just satisfied with May’s Sugary Wonders, but also gorging themselves on chips. Consequently GG had run out of chips and because no potatoes are grown commercially on the island (nor any other crops due to an unfortunate change in farming practices) he had no choice but to request an urgent shipment to be flown in which consisted of 3 boxes of frozen chips, each containing 8 bags of which just 24 hours later only one and a half bags were remaining.
The Homestead is being spruced up by decorator extraordinaire Basil The Brush, who also goes under the name of Fireman Sam depending on whether he has a brush or a hose in his hand at the time, however, other names have been suggested, as apparently on occasions he does have other implements in his hands – a true multi-tasker.. Unfortunately for Basil, the weather has been very good in recent days; the sunshine has been playing havoc with his exposed areas. He has been forced to wear a pair of Gucci sunglasses and a charming beanie hat as he proceeds along the eves and soffits.
Kapitein has been looking after the vegetable patch and weeding the flower beds and had Sampster and Wolfie on long walks whilst I dealt with the trials and tribulations on the mainland.
Unfortunately for Kapitein the horseflies that had been affecting old Ziggy, in the field over the fence, had decided to launch several attacks on the Kapitein whilst he was gardening. Because Kapitein had omitted to lubricate himself in Skin so Soft, he had little chance in fighting off the onslaught. Consequently, upon my return, I discovered a somewhat swollen and hot Kapitein – and not for the reasons I had expected.
Kapitein was not particularly happy as a result of this. The day after I returned, which was a particularly hot and humid day, we decided to walk the dogs, with Kapitein sweating under his zipped up fleece to keep the beasties at bay. Unfortunately for him another horsefly decided to bite him on the only exposed part of his body, the end of his finger, resulting in an even worse reaction and forcing him the day after, to sit with raised arm and icepack in order to bring down his extremely swollen right hand. Ho Hum, this could have had a major impact on all things ‘male’ however all now seems to be on the mend. Kapitein does so prefer to be out on the high seas on such days, rather that fighting off the world-amous Colonsay beasties.
Another shipment has gone off via air freight, consisting of several cones of wool and a set of sheep shears – which broke down after shearing forty five and a half sheep, however we were able to save the situation with a little help from Danger Mouse, the lonely shepherd.
We have also heard rumours of yet another exodus from one of Clearance House establishments, namely the ‘un local’ Hotel. This time it was the chef, closely following on the heels of D’Arlene who has decided to try life on the mainland after 4 years here.  Prior to her leaving, her bubbly effervescence had been tested to the full, with a leaving party that commenced on the Wednesday and only ended, seemingly, though not confirmed, as she boarded the Sunday evening ferry bound for Oban.
It would appear there is difficulty in retaining good staff for some reason, however we wish them all well...
We had the privilege of watching 72 participants in the Fun Run in aid of the Colonsay Medical fund the other day and they still had energy left to attend the Ceilidh. The fund has surpassed its target... Well done to all who participated. It appears we may soon be able to adopt the examination position in comfort down at the surgery once the new device arrives.  
Gavalus Gavalar has been very busy at the Pantry. He organised a Colonsay Food Night, with offerings such as Colonsay Lamb stew (with our very own Hebridean lamb), Oysters, Colonsay Beef and freshly caught Mackerel plus many more delights. What a resounding success and a big hope that he will repeat this regularly in the very near future.  


  1. Pleased to read that all is OK with you and that K is now returning to normal (or as normal as he can be)!! Have seen Basil up the ladders doing his thing and I have to say the result is looking very nice indeed.

  2. The partying carried on until the monday, im hardy :)