Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Phew... LOTI departed...Duck Man turned up a blinder.

The cool north wind was on the move again today but this time it was blowing hard as we watched LOTI set sail early this morning with mother and Peggy Sue on board. The fear in mother's eye's was unmistakable. Ah bless; they had had a wonderful time up to then. They did, true to form, wreak havoc in The Pantry at lunch time yesterday. We even had a call from Gavalus Gavalar to let us know they were there, begging us to collect them. Mind I did make them wait before hastening along the road, ducking and diving in between all the touroids. When will they learn 'our' country code!
Duly punished, as they had been missing for several hours, mother and Peggy Sue were relegated to the garden for the majority of the afternoon. They were threatened with the shed, which was a good option for us to house the stowaways for their extra night. But we reneged and allowed them access to the homestead, even feeding them a tasty morsel for supper before an early night. But it was not meant to be...
A knock at the door brought a visitor to see mother! Mother!! We all looked at her as the Duck Man (an 81 year old from the north of the island) came in.
He brought her 6 duck eggs as promised, at the price agreed during their little Tet a Tet on Saturday night at the Ceilidh. They chatted a while, enjoying a cup of tea (which, you will be pleased to know, we didn't charge him for).
Then what a surprise. He wandered off to the car and returned, handing over 6 hen eggs, not free range as expected, but, most surprisingly, free of charge!! Yes, the Duck Man gave away 6 eggs to mother! And, honestly, free of charge!! We were all stunned! This will go down in the history books of our Island at the Edge, that's for sure.

Got a message from mother and Peggy Sue that they had arrived safely on the mainland but unfortunately, Peggy Sue had lost her porridge during the two and a half hour crossing.

This afternoon saw more Hebridean fleeces rolled, dagged, bagged and tagged - they should be winging their way to the mill by early next week. That means passengers on the Tuesday flight may well take fright if Ms Angell does decide to descend to 1000 feet and play with the door handle.

It was also the Kapitein's birthday today, his treat today was an Angus burger, with lighted candle and chips, washed down with a Banana milk shake at the Pantry. Happy Birthday Kapitein.


  1. Ha, so you finally managed to get them off the island. Shame about PS and her breakfast but it was a bit rough out there today I suppose. Has the Kapitein been scraping the barnacles off his bottom today or just sitting in his shed polishing his compass?? Anyway, will no doubt see him tonight for a glass of the good stuff.
    BTW, the island does seem to have become a bit quieter since 08:00.

  2. Living on an island
    living in a cardboard box
    is there a difference apart fron lamb shanks and wool?
    to be honest the island seems like a hell of a place to live with some great people