Island at the Edge

Island at the Edge
The Gathering, Cable Bay, Colonsay

Monday, 18 July 2011

A Gigot too far and mother arrives

Wet and windy and the heating back on again (only just turned it off a week ago) but Hey Ho this is Colonsay and it IS summer !!
Last week saw the first of the lamb being shipped off the island on Loti (the Lord Of The Isles ferry) with Royal Mail doing a sterling job of delivering the guaranteed 24 hours package in four and a half days. It was a wonderful Gigot of lamb when it left but on arrival was already half cooked. So no more Royal Mail for us. Decided to seek an alternative with the result that we have the contract for the air freight to and from the island with Hebridean Air!!. First shipment was a half lamb to the midlands which arrived in 23 hours in perfect condition and still frozen. Good result methinks so followed it with 300 kg of wool going out on three flights (3 x stuffed wool sacks in the boot and 1 x strapped into one of the seats). Worried looks from some of the passengers ..... the sacks looked as if they contained body parts and half expected our wonderful pilot - Ms Angell - to be opening doors at 1000 ft and dropping them out into the Firth of Lorn. I heard that they were relieved that this was not the case on the Thursday flights.

After all of the excitement of organising this new service and finding that it actually worked, the storm clouds started blowing in from the North as mother approached for one of her visits. The ferry was on amber alert but alas it did sail from Oban and she and friend Peggy Sue arrived for two days. Or so I thought. Due to depart on the Sunday ferry (which was also on amber alert) I was duly informed that they had actually only booked their return for the Tuesday. Two extra days !! Today it is Monday Dear Lord, please, please make sure Loti gets in (and departs) tomorrow. 

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  1. I hope you are checking the weather to make sure the ferry does go. M & PS were spotted down at The Pantry causing havoc.
    Sister told me she bought enough of your Heb wool to knit a jumper for me for Christmas so that should be interesting.